Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tango Revolution celebrates presidential inauguration with Live band Tango No.9 on Sunday January 25 from 6-10pm

Come celebrate the inauguration of our new president with a special event at Tango Revolution this Sunday January 25 from 6-10pm.

We are pleased to present the live Tango band Tango No.9 at our weekly Sunday Milonga.

Tango Revolution continues its mission of service to the community by providing free music, dance and other cultural events accessible to all.
Bring your friends and family of all ages for listening as well as dancing to the band.
Typically our audience members range from a few months old to 101 years young!
More info: 415.661.1852

SUNDAY JANUARY 25 from 6-10pm
CAFFE TRIESTE: 1667 Market Street @ Gough in SF

6-7pm Basic Introductory Tango dance class by Sonja Riket
7:30-9:30pm: Live music by Tango nr.9 with open floor dancing
Continued Milonga till 10pm.

The event is FREE with food and drink at the caffe.
Donations for the artists are welcomed.

Tango No.9 is an all-star Bay Area ensemble united in a love for a famously elusive non-native art form. Since 1998, the group has delved deeply into the wrold of Tango, playing countless concerts and milongas, collaborating with many of the top dancers on the west coast, and recording two critically acclaimed albums - the all-Piazolla "All them cats in Recoleta" (lauded by JazzIz Magazine as one of the best modern tango CD's of 2002) and 2006's exploration of early tango, "Radio Valencia."

The quartet is Joshua Raoul Brody on piano, Isabel Douglas on accordeon & bandoneon, Greg Stephens on trombone and bandleader Catherine Clune on violin.
With this unique instrumentation, Tango No.9 embraces both a reverence to tango's seductive past and an innovative vision of the music's storied future.

Tango Revolution is a weekly neighborhood educational project to offer anyone the opportunity to learn and experience the social aspect of Argentine Tango dance, music and history. By holding the event in an accessible café on a Sunday afternoon we encourage the spontaneous inclusion of music and dance in our everyday life as a communal experience.

Tango Revolution is a program of Intimate Embrace Tango, which envisions Argentine Tango as a relational matrix of connection to ourselves, each other and the world. We organize classes, workshops, cultural, awareness-and fundraising events around social issues of our time.

We hope that Tango Revolution is a fertile ground for learning about Argentine Tango, a dance and music of immigrants, which continues to cross the boundaries of race, culture, language and social status. Where both beginning and accomplished dancers and musicians can share the floor without obvious hierarchy. Where all gender pairings are encouraged and anyone may ask anyone to dance.

We offer the beautiful connection between human beings in the Tango Embrace as a common ground and antidote against the isolation, separation and fearful existence we are led to believe is necessary. What better way to come home to ourselves and to connect with each other across our differences than the non-verbal power of a musical and dance embrace, listening and moving together as one?

Come watch, listen or join in the dance! All levels and ages are welcome. No partner or dance experience necessary