Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tango Revolution celebrates International Women's Day with poetry , music and dance

SUNDAY March 8 from 6-10pm
CAFFE TRIESTE: 1667 Market Street @ Gough in SF

6-7pm Basic Introductory Tango dance class by Sonja Riket
7:30-10pm: Open floor Tango dancing with sets of Poetry by our guests Ana Elsner and Kristyan Panzica (with clarinet and bass)
Roberto Traina will sing Tangos in honor of women.

The event is FREE with food and drink at the caffe.
Donations for the artists are welcomed.

Poet ANA ELSNER has dedicated her work to raising the popularity and status of poetry in the everyday consciousness of society. For more information please visit her site at

For more info on International Women's Day see:

Tango Revolution is a weekly neighborhood educational project to offer anyone the opportunity to learn and experience the social aspect of Argentine Tango dance, music and history. By holding the event in an accessible café on a Sunday afternoon we encourage the spontaneous inclusion of music and dance in our everyday life as a communal experience.

Tango Revolution is a program of Intimate Embrace Tango, which envisions Argentine Tango as a relational matrix of connection to ourselves, each other and the world. We organize classes, workshops, cultural, awareness-and fundraising events around social issues of our time.

Come listen, watch or join in the dance! All ages and levels welcome!