Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grand celebration of the 5th anniversary of Tango Revolution!

Grand celebration of the 5th anniversary of
Tango Revolution with honorary guests performers Leonardo and Olga Suarez-Paz in Piazzolla concert and milonga (tango dance party) with live music.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 4, 2010 from 7pm -12am
614 Alabama Street (b/w 18th & 19th Str, Harrisson & Florida)
San Francisco

Come celebrate Tango Revolution’s 5 years of service to the community with free Tango classes, Milongas and opportunities for young musicians to learn about and perform the Argentine Tango style!
We feel very honored that Tango stars Leonardo and Olga Suarez-Paz will join us in this celebration! Leonardo will perform violin and a special song in honor of Tango icon Carlos Gardel’s birthday (December 11) with our Tango Revolution musicians, teach a dance class and offer a special dance performance with his wife Olga.
What a treat!!! Don’t miss this special event!

7pm: Class with Leonardo Suarez-Paz – Intermediate level.
8:15pm Piazzolla concert with Leonardo Suarez-Paz (violin, song) and Tango Revolution musicians.
9pm: Milonga starts with DJ Zeycan
10:15pm Dance Performance by Leonardo and Olga Suarez-Paz
10:30pm Live Music set
Milonga continues till 12 am.

Entrance fee: $15 for Concert and Milonga w/Live music
$20 for Class, Concert and Milonga w/Live Music

There will be limited appetizers and drinks. Please bring your own wine, food, desserts to contribute to the celebration.

Donations towards the Tango Revolution Project are very welcome!

Hosted by Sonja Riket - More info: 415.661.1852 –

Tango Revolution is a weekly neighborhood project to offer anyone the opportunity to learn and experience the social aspect of Argentine Tango dance, music and history. By holding the event free of charge in an accessible café on a Sunday afternoon we encourage the spontaneous inclusion of music and dance in our everyday life as a communal experience.

Part of the project includes giving young musicians the opportunity to learn and perform traditional Argentine Tango music as well as Piazzolla’s Nuevo Tango. They receive coaching sessions by professional Tango musicians from Argentina and the USA and perform regularly at Caffe Trieste Downtown and other special events in the Bay Area.

The Tango Revolution project began in 2005 at Café Revolution in SF’s Mission District. Its success has inspired other musical groups such as Classical Revolution to adopt the idea, the name and the practice. The Tango quartet Tangonero has its origins at Tango Revolution as well as several other musicians now playing Tango in the Bay Area.

Tango Revolution is a program of Intimate Embrace Tango, which envisions Argentine Tango as a relational matrix of connection to ourselves, each other and the world. We offer the beautiful connection between human beings in the Tango Embrace as a common ground and antidote against the isolation, separation and fearful existence we are led to believe is necessary. What better way to come home to ourselves and connect with each other across our differences than the non-verbal power of a musical and dance embrace, listening and moving together as one?

Astor Piazzolla Themed Masterclass with "Tango Royalty" Leonardo Suarez-Paz

Here is a unique opportunity for the musicians amongst you to study with a great artist who received the direct lineage of Astor Piazzolla. Don’t miss it!

WHEN: Friday December 3, from 5-6:30pm
WHERE: SF Conservatory of Music
50 Oak Street (at Market)
SF, CA 94102
COST: $25
Leonardo will use a piece composed by Astor Piazzolla and teach you how to play this particular style of music: a mixture of Tango, Jazz and Classical. He will focus on the difference (for all the instruments) in phrasing, legatos, staccatos, rubatos ... and how to express the melody.
All musicians are welcome; notes will be provided.
For more info and to register your participation please contact Sonja Riket at 415.661.1852


Leonardo Suarez Paz , a fourth generation tango artist, billed by the press as “tango royalty”, is a representative of the Academia Nacional del Tango of Buenos Aires. He is known for his uncommon talent as a singer, a career which he began at the age of six, a tango dancer, and an artist who “possesses a unique spirit and is a virtuoso extraordinaire on the violin” (Wynton Marsalis, Artistic Director Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York) Leonardo’s mother Beatriz Suarez Paz, a leading tango singer in Buenos Aires, has passed along to Leonardo his vocal passion and talent. “Suarez Paz’s father, a brilliant tango violinist, had been one of Piazzolla’s principal collaborators, and from the first bar it was clear that the father and the son were made of the same stuff” (“Flying High,” JAZZIZ Magazine by Alexander Gelfand, Music Critic Cuartetango in Birdland, New York.)

By the time he was 14, Leonardo was playing and touring with tango orchestras and was the only young, teenage member of the last Horacio Salgan orchestra, in which each musician was a tango star. He is the only violinist of his generation who played with most of the great directors of the Golden Age as a violin soloist. He was also influenced by the Nuevo Tango, thus carrying the torch that was handed down from Astor Piazzolla to his father and to him, “Leonardo plays with the same intense passion and clarity heard a generation ago on his father's recordings.” (Barnes & Noble, Music Review February 2004)

In Buenos Aires, he brought together the best in tango and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, who has also commissioned tango arrangements from Leonardo Suarez Paz. An EMI Classics artist, violinist, arranger and composer, Leonardo’s experience as a classical musician is part of the legacy, which makes him a leading tango violinist today.
Throughout his intense career, he has performed and recorded with a bouquet of international stars enhancing the productions of Placido Domingo (“Mariachi” Capitol Records 2000), American jazz legend Stanley Jordan (“My Favorite Things” TCB Records 2002), Latin star Luis Miguel (“Amarte es un Placer,” EMI 1999), and Carlos Franzetti’s (“The Jazz Kamerata”/“Tango Bar” Chesky Records). One can hear the sound of his tango violin in motion pictures Bossa Nova, Imposters and Flawless with Robert DeNiro. In 2009 and 2010 he toured throughout Brasil, China, Korea and Singapore with the show Café de Los Maestros, dedicated to the legends of tango.

Leonardo has performed with the tango shows Tangox2 , Forever Tango and Tango Argentino on Broadway.
Leonardo directs Cuartetango String Quartet, who’s latest album L’Atelier was released by EMI Classics. His Cuartetango Music & Dance Company and Romance de Tango shows were featured on an Emmy-winning program, “Rhythm and Roots,” which is currently airing in the US, Europe and the Middle East.
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