Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Weekend at Tango Revolution Telegraph with special guest Gabriela Condrea

ENJOY an evening of Argentine Tango at Berkeley’s birthplace of the Caffe Latte!
Every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month
Saturday, Feb. 16, from 7-11:30pm
at Caffe Mediterraneum
2475 Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley
Parking in neighboring streets or garage on Channing one block away

7-8pm All levels Tango class w/Jonas-Beginners welcome! $5 Donation
8-9pm Special interactive book presentation and dance performance by Gabriela Condrea, dancer/teacher/author of When 1+1 =1: that “Impossible Connection-life and human relationships through the prism of Tango”.
9-11:30pm Tango dancing to recorded music from the Golden Era: DJ Jonas.
9:30pm: Tango songs by Roberto Traina w/Kate Bernier on piano.

DANCE FREE with purchase of food/drink at cafe.
More info: Sonja 415.661.1852 - Jonas 510.698.2640 –

More about Gabriela Condrea:
Gabriela Condrea, a Tango dancer/teacher and author of the book: When 1+1=1: That Impossible Connection- life and human relationships through the prism of Tango”. After learning, dancing and writing about Tango in Buenos Aires, she embarked on a 2012 US/Canada Book &Tango Tour.
Here is a video about her tango teaching, her book and how she combines the two:
Read about her workshops and her website

I am happy to meet a fellow dancer/teacher on the road I have been traveling for the last 14 years: approaching Tango from the inside out! Please join me in welcoming her to our Milonga!
Sonja Riket