Saturday, July 14, 2007

Special Birthday Celebration on Sunday July 15!

On Sunday July 15 TANGO REVOLUTION invites you to a wonderful afternoon of music and dance to celebrate Sonja's birthday.

We will start in Dolores Park (18th & Dolores Street) at 4pm with a free concert by the SF Symphony featuring Daniel Binelli on bandoneon.
Come join me for a sip of champagne!
To find my spot in the crowd look for Buschoccio (a plastic blow-up doll on a stick, resembling George Bush but with a loooong nose, like Pinocchio)

After the concert our Tango Revolution music and dance event at Cafe Trieste will take place from 6-9pm.
Come sample their excellent food and share birthday cake with me!

Ingredients are:
Live Argentine Tango music open rehearsal.
Informal Tango dance instruction and practice,
Mix, stir, add great coffee and a sprinkle of cinnamon,
ENJOY a lazy Sunday afternoon at San Francisco's
original Espresso House since 1956!

Café Trieste
1667 Market Street @ Gough in SF
Nearest Bart: Civic Center
FREE with consumption at the café.

More Info: 415.661.1852 -

Tango Revolution is a weekly neighborhood educational project to offer anyone the opportunity to learn and experience the social aspect of Argentine Tango dance, music and history.

Tango Revolution is a program of Intimate Embrace Tango, which envisions Argentine Tango as a relational matrix of connection to ourselves, each other and the world. We organize classes, workshops and social awareness-and fundraising events around
critical issues of our time.

Come watch a movie, be inspired by a presentation, take a beginning Tango class or practice your dance in a relaxing, non-intimidating atmosphere. Non-dancers can watch the moves and immerse themselves in the beautiful Tango music.
We extend an open invitation to aspiring Tango musicians to jam together and practice their skills with the dancers in a receptive and energetic environment.

We hope that Tango Revolution is a fertile ground for learning about Argentine Tango, a dance and music of immigrants, which continues to cross the boundaries of race, culture, language and social status. Where both beginning and accomplished dancers and musicians can share the floor without obvious hierarchy. Where all gender pairings are encouraged and anyone may ask anyone to dance.

We offer the beautiful connection between human beings in the Tango Embrace as a common ground and antidote against the isolation, separation and fearful existence we are led to believe is necessary. What better way to connect with each other across our differences than the non-verbal power of an embrace, listening and moving together as one?

Come watch, listen or join in the dance! All levels and ages are welcome.

Donations for the artists accepted.